Based in Lakewood, NJ and distributed throughout the Tristate area, Barnett's Sweet Creations has developed a loyal, ardent following.

We are constantly expanding our range of "Sweets" to include something new to tantalize your tastebuds. The original biscotti have been joined by chocolate covered cookies, skids and marshmallows. Available in numerous different presentations and flavors, we have something for every taste and allowance.
Our gourmet biscotti take the art of biscotti to a whole new level, a fresh twist on the classic. More like a cookie than a traditional crunchy style mandlebrot, they are covered with delectable chocolate and toppings.

They make the gift that everyone wants to get, for every occassion. You can enjoy our Sweet Creations with a steaming cup of coffee, hot tea or a glass of wine or anytime as a great snack on their own. Thoroughly enjoyable – inside and out.